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This project was made for the RPG Maker Jam #3 over the span of 2 days. The theme was "Contagious".

Hazmat is a young girl, and the last in her town to be infected with a mysterious disease. Without knowing how long she has left she goes out to find the 8 mysterious ingredients that she thinks will cure her disease while also helping those too far gone to die happy.

The game takes about 15 - 20 minutes to complete.

Thank you for taking the time to look at this project. <3

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PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(18 total ratings)
AuthorVisitors From Dreams
Tags8-Bit, Comedy, Dark Humor, Game Boy, RPG Maker, Short


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Is this available for game boy?


Unfortunately no, it was made in RPG Maker. If someone wanted to take the time to remake it in GBStudio that would be pretty damn cool though!

Thank you for replying! I think I might attempt and try :) It'll be my first game I make haha as well as my first time using GBStudio which will be fun!

I look forward to seeing it! Feel free to reuse all the assets in the game file!

Thank you so much!

I really enjoyed the humor in this game. I was pretty bummed that Hazmat wasn't able to create a cure.

So I played the game and I liked it. The humor was great, really made the game for me. It was short but it never felt too short.
I was very fond of the simple style.


I am glad you enjoyed it! I am working on a spiritual successor at the moment, I hope to have it out before Xmas. :)

I'm looking forward to play it :)

Downloaded it but I get a error. It has something to do with Yanfly's Save Core plugin.

Did you unzip the game into its own folder before playing?

Yes, I did. I unzipped it into its own folder.

I will try download it again tomorrow and see if I can make it work.

You are the first person to come across this issue... very strange...

I guess I should ask Mac or PC? I know the engine this game uses is broken inside and out on new Mac OSX's.

I have a windows 10 computer.
It works now, not sure what the issue was but I reinstalled and that seemed to fix whatever issue it had.


Glad you got it working! Very strange indeed...

This game could be totally possible on GB Studio :v


It absolutely would! Maybe one day I will go back and remake it for it.


This Game Is Very Awesome. I don't know too much English (I use traductor to write this) but I managed complete your game, and the truth feels very retro with Gameboy style as I like it


I am glad you enjoyed it despite the language barrier, thats fantastic!

Such an adorable little game. It was short, but made good use of humor with darkly comedic deliveries. Looking forward to anything else you make in the future

Thank you very much, im glad you enjoyed it! Im definitely all about those small dark comedic experiences. 

this game maybe short but too good! loved the art and loved the humour! like the previous comment, would love to see more from the same backstory. can't believe you made this game in 2 days :o

Thank you very much for the kind words, im honestly surprised I managed to get it made in 2 days as well. I will actually have a larger game launching on this platform in the next couple of weeks so keep your eyes open!

whoa i can't wait XD will be looking forward for it!


So I got this game not really expecting much, considering its short playtime. But when I started playing it, it blew my mind! It was hilarious, atmoshperic, and very meta. So please make a prequel to it, because this game is AWESOME!

Oh jeez, what a lovely message to wake up too. <3

Thank you very much! I dont have any plans to make anything directly tied into this game but all of the games I work on are set in the same world and universe which should hopefully become more clear as I release more of them. I am hoping to have a much more expansive turn based RPG released later in the year and its well on track to hit the December launch target. Keep your eyes peeled!