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This is a demo of the now canceled RPG Maker MV version of Stripe: The Last Tiger and Friends.  A game written by and being developed for my nephew who was 5 years old at the time of the initial design document writing.

This demo was put together and completed for a talk at the University of New England about my game development process, but due to a switch in development hardware on my end (from PC to MAC) and the need to downscale the size of the project in order to fit development into my busy work schedule this iteration of the project will not be progressing forward.

This short 10 minute demo is a time capsule into the game as it was originally planned back in 2018.

Stripe: The Last Tiger is the story of Stripe, who is the last tiger after an alien invasion wipes out the rest of his people and starts replacing the local wildlife with wierd warped versions of themselves... or something like that, again, it was written by a 5 year old, it doesn't have to make sense. It is also a prequel to Shooty and the Catfish.


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I love your games. Please, find funds to conclude your productions. I am sure you can get some nice gov funds or tax support funds in the USA. I look forward to it. You are brilliant!

I am an Australian based developer so funding is a very different situation here. I will release something new eventually I am sure. Thank you for the support. :)

I suspected you were Australian by the ascent of some of your characters. Well, we live in Brazil (a similar economy) and here we got funding from the gov, tax incentives and crowdfunding for our projects for the past years. It works pretty well. I checked on Perplexity AI and the answer could give some hope to you: 

Yes, there are various funding calls and programs for cultural projects and digital games in Australia:

- Screen Australia provides funding for the development or production of interactive media.

- The states of Queensland and Victoria offer tax incentives and subsidies for training personnel in digital games companies.

- The South Australia region supports the placement of newly qualified personnel in digital games companies.

- Australia aims to promote an innovation culture, which includes the development of more intelligent digital games.

Therefore, Australia has various public programs to support the digital games sector, including direct funding, tax incentives, subsidies for training and hiring personnel, as well as support for the placement of newly qualified personnel and internship offers.

nice arcade ,,but dead?

In its current iteration, yes, the project will be restarted in another engine in the future.