Spooping its way out in October!

Its been a big week with most of my free time dedicated to wrapping up Shooty and the Catfish Episode 2: The Spoopies (sorry I Saved A Mouse but your on the back burner) so I can try to get the game out for Halloween. Why Halloween you ask? Well because the episode is all about spooky ghosts and other monsters, and releasing the game in time Halloween will hopefully get people who are wanting to play games in that Halloween spirit interested. It worked for Flatwoods, so hopefully it works again here. 

In all honesty theres not a whole lot of work left to be done on the game, this week I managed to finish off the last floor of the games single dungeon, finished all of the NPC dialogue both in the dungeon and post game, got the optional side quest up and running (much like Episode 1 there is a collectable figure attached to an optional bossfight to be found), created several new battlers for some optional combat scenarios and created an opening cutscene, something Episode 1 lacked. 

I am also still slowly releasing the soundtrack to Episode 1 with the miniboss theme "Yeh This" being released on Youtube this week.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGNMuA5hUIo&feature=youtu.be 
There are still 3 more tracks from Episode 1 that I want to get released before the launch of Episode 2. 

So whats left? 

Well, today I am hoping to start balancing the combat and once thats done I will be sending the game out to a handful of people for testing. While thats going on I am going to be working on the games trailer.  All in all I think I am going to do my best to get the game done and released on October 1st. 

I am also going to patch Episode 1 for newcomers with some minor bug fixes (nothing serious, just the wrong battle background in the final boss fight and things of that nature) along with cleaning up the collectable figure side quest and updating the visuals of the doors so that each kind of door (small key, boss key, elevator etc) has its own distinct look, something that was implemented in Episode 2 and seemed stupidly obvious as an issue in hindsight. 

Once the game is out and had its first inevitable patch I will be getting back to work on finishing up my short I Saved A Mouse and then my Patreon launch video. After that its strait into Episode 3. 

Oh yeah, I have a Patreon now so if you want to help me with my animated shorts or indie game projects now you can, you will find me right over here: https://www.patreon.com/VisitorsFromDreams

Thank you again everyone who has been following this project! ~ <3

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